Creator Information

Thank you for your interest in applying for The Liaison Collaborative! The Liaison Collaborative is an innovative, intimate events company based entirely within Second Life. TLC has brought the Second Life population creations from some of the top creators on the grid! Each month, TLC brings you the best in fashion, home and garden, and poses all brought together in an exclusive gathering of themed events.
We are a month themed event starting each round on the 3rd of the month at 3pmslt until the 26th at 3pmslt.

If you would like to apply for The Liaison Collaborative, please fill out the application.


  • All items must be original content. No templates of any kind will be allowed. Re-colors are prohibited.

  • All Items must follow the set theme during the rotation. We have themes for a reason! Please respect the themes and ideology that is behind it.

  • All items must be “exclusive” for the event and cannot be sold in store until after each rotation is over. No older items!

  • Gachas are allowed!

  • Please respect TOS and Copyrights. The TLC Team has the right to remove any items we deem go against copyrights, are disrespectful to our community, or blatantly offensive.

  • There is a 3000L fee for each round. Sponsor Spots are 6000L each round.

  • The Payment Room opens up on the 10th of each month and payment is due by the 25th. We have a payment platform on the sim instead of at set-up. Please do not give out the rental landmarks!

  • If Payment is not received by the 25th, you forfeit your spot to those on the waiting list. Please do not make us chase you!

  • REFUNDS - Refunds are paid back in full if one is not able to attend due to circumstances between the 10th and 25th of the month. During set up, refunds will not be issued.


  • Set up starts on the 1st and ends on the 2nd at 12pmslt. This is a soft set-up. At this time we open up for early access. This is just a nice gesture for everyone and is not set in stone.

  • Set up must be COMPLETE by the 3rd at 12pmslt. If not complete, your booth will be removed (actually it will be placed with pretty decorative things). Please make sure to reach out to a team member if you are running behind!

  • NO SHOWS are prohibited. If you no show, you'll automatically be docked from the next round. (Yes, this applies to CORE Designers as well.)

  • OPENING - We open officially to the public on the 3rd of each month at 3pmslt!

Press Team Information

This application is to apply to become a Press Team member of The Liaison Collaborative, a monthly shopping event which features Second Life's Best Creators and Designers of Apparel, Accessories, Shoes, Hair, Poses and Decor.

Each round begins on the 3rd of each month and ends on the 26th.

We are looking for people that love to take pictures and tell a story. We're not looking for people just to push out pictures and blog posts just because...

Please note the following before applying:

  • We require a minimum of 2 blogs per month highlighting the event and require all pictures to be placed into our Flickr group.

  • Every round Blogs/Flickrs will be reviewed to ensure that you have covered that round. We want to make certain the designers are receiving the amount of coverage that reflects their hard work.

  • The event covers a variety of categories we are requesting for you to please try and feature as many as you can in the best possible light. Our commitment is to select bloggers that have shown their proficiency in covering fashion, home and garden, and obviously poses including the proper crediting.

If you would like to apply for The Liaison Collaborative, please fill out the application.