The TLC Management Team

We scour the grid to bring you the absolute best in Second Life.

Katya Valeska

Katya Valeska

Katya Valeska - Owner & Founder

As the owner of The Liaison Collaborative, Katya Valeska is all about running around trying to find the best newest and upcoming designers in Second Life. As well as TLC, she has has worn other hats such as blogging, running a successful blogging group (SL Blogger Support), a little pose shop, managing brands, and all around rper. She can be reached via email or in-world.

Duchess Flux.png

Duchess Flux

Duchess Flux - Operations Manager

Duchess Flux has been an active virtual world resident and blogger since 2009. Duchess owns the quarterly event, Enchantment, which is a huge celebration of fairy tales. Her blog, Threads & Tuneage, is one of the more popular fantasy fashion blogs in Second Life. When she is not busy taking pictures of her pixels she is chasing down designers for The Liaison Collaborative, Enchantment or The Secret Affair. And if that is not enough, Duchess also owns the Ippos Collective; a collection of photogenic fantasy inspired sims for residents and fantasy shops.

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Sadystika Sabretooth

Sadystika Sabretooth - General Manager

Sadystika Sabretooth is an experienced event coordinator, as well as being a successful blogger and blogger manager. Her role at TLC is to assist Katya and the team, with sourcing new and exciting designers for the event as well as acting as a point of contact and support for creators and designers who are already part of the TLC family. She can be reached via email ( or in-world.


Alexa Maravilla

Alexa Maravilla (Spunknbrains) - Marketing/Social Media Manager

Alexa Maravilla has been a resident of Second Life since 2011 whose been an intrepid explorer of SL... on multiple levels for many years.  She's an avid home and garden blogger since 2014 and comes with experience as a blogger manager and public relations manager.

Lawrence D Pryce

Lawrence D Pryce

LawrenceD - Marketing/Social Media Manager

Lawrence Pryce has been a resident of Second Life for several years and many know him as the owner of Blogger Classifieds and the fun series of Pryce Challenges. Both of these ventures are inspired by his sincere love and admiration for the Second Life Fashion and Photography Community. Lawrence is also known for his work as a Blog Manager as well as Social Media Manager for various Brands and Events. He prides himself on being an Innocent Monk, which "mates" we all know is not true.



Sugarfairy88 - Press Team Manager

Sugarfairy88 is both a Second Life blogger and artist. Her blog, Light in Darkness, showcases various styles and fantasy elements. She works alongside Duchess Flux at both The Liaison Collaborative and Enchantment as Media and Blogger Manager and loves bringing fairytales to life in Second Life. You can see her unique work on her Flickr.


Chickadee Tremor

Chickadee Tremor - Liaison Concierge